[TypicalGirls] Rough Trade book

J Neo Marvin j_n_e_o at hotmail.com
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Rob Young? Could this be the same Robert Young who worked at the San 
Francisco Rough Trade in the 80s? Anybody know?

-J Neo Marvin


"When the strongest nation in the world can be tied up for four years in a 
war...with no end in sight, when the richest nation in the world can't 
manage its own economy, when the nation with the greatest tradition of the 
rule of law is plagued by unprecedented lawlessness, when a nation that has 
been known for a century for equality of opportunity is torn by 
unprecedented racial violence, and when the President of the United States 
cannot travel abroad or to any major city at home without fear of a hostile 
demonstration - then it's time for new leadership for the United States of 
                              -Richard Nixon, 1968

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> >Apparently there's one on the way.
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> >Nice pic of the old office in back of the store..
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> >http://arts.guardian.co.uk/image/0,,1852381,00.html
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