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Tue Apr 11 14:39:22 EDT 2006

my teenage punk band skinned teen played that show! so

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> Hi Robin,
> Gina is working on this ­ she has 2 videos she
> directed one for Fairytale in
> the Supermarket and one for Don¹t be Mean, and some
> great live material of 4
> songs from the ep Extended Play from a show at LA2
> in London with Steve
> Shelley on drums from 1994. We also have several
> bits of live footage on
> super 8 from 1979 with Palmolive and Vicky and some
> recent interviews with
> people we worked with etc.  So we are hoping to
> finish compiling this to
> release next year which will be the 30th anniversary
> of Ana and Gina forming
> the original band. 
> There is a South Bank Show about Rough Trade from
> 1978 which has a piece of
> the band recording Fairytale and of Essential Logic
> and the Normal ­ Brett
> kindly sent me a a version with Swedish subtitles -
> so sadly we can¹t use
> this one but we have a contact with an original
> version.
> So yes we are working on this- slowly slowly ­ but
> we really do want to
> release it next year.
> Shirley O
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