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shirley.o'loughlin shirley.o'loughlin at virgin.net
Tue Apr 11 12:46:38 EDT 2006

Hi Robin,

Gina is working on this ­ she has 2 videos she directed one for Fairytale in
the Supermarket and one for Don¹t be Mean, and some great live material of 4
songs from the ep Extended Play from a show at LA2 in London with Steve
Shelley on drums from 1994. We also have several bits of live footage on
super 8 from 1979 with Palmolive and Vicky and some recent interviews with
people we worked with etc.  So we are hoping to finish compiling this to
release next year which will be the 30th anniversary of Ana and Gina forming
the original band. 

There is a South Bank Show about Rough Trade from 1978 which has a piece of
the band recording Fairytale and of Essential Logic and the Normal ­ Brett
kindly sent me a a version with Swedish subtitles - so sadly we can¹t use
this one but we have a contact with an original version.

So yes we are working on this- slowly slowly ­ but we really do want to
release it next year.

Shirley O
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