[TypicalGirls] postpunk videos on dvd?

Ceci Moss ceci_moss at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 22:10:05 EDT 2006

Hi Shirley-
Would love to help you out- for a selection of some of my videos please see:
I can burn any of these onto DVD for your program.

"Shirley B." <littleshirleybeans at yahoo.com> wrote: hey hey,
im doing a new york noise episode on postpunk, y'know, with simon reynolds
supervising people getting postpunk haircuts. im currently searching for some
cool postpunk videos to air in the episode. so far i have josef k and a certain
ratio, and supposedly i have orange juice, monochrome set, and the fire engines
on their way, but i was wondering if anyone had any other videos that you think
would work. any ideas? did someone mention raincoats a few weeks back? 

i would need it on a DVD, beta, or mini-dv tape.... i cant convert from VHS. i
could encode it on my computer and return it to you right away, and i can copy
some obscure videos for you in exchange for your kind help. 

the address to mail stuff is on my myspace: www.myspace.com/shirleybeans  (add

Shirley Braha
Producer, New York Noise
    AIM: ShirleyBeans

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