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8 April 2006
30 years ago parents choked on their tea as punk exploded on to the
streets in a torrent of safety pins and spiky hair. But now the
teenage rebels are..


DR Helen Reddington, 45, lectures in commercial music at the
University of Westminster.

HELEN SAYS: When I was an art student in Brighton there was a really
noisy punk band that rehearsed in our basement.

We decided the only way to get some peace and quiet was to find them
a gig to play. I found a venue, in the vaults of an old church -
there was even a rehearsal space. But three days before the gig the
band chickened out, so we played it ourselves. I played bass, even
though I'd never played before.

Punk was an amazing release for me. At school people used to think I
was a French exchange student because I was so quiet. But now I got
to scream my head off - just what I needed.

After college I started another band, The Chefs, and changed my name
to Helen McCookerybook. We did several John Peel sessions in the
late 70s.

I've been teaching music now for 10 years.

Punk was about giving anything a go, so in that sense I'm still a

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