[TypicalGirls] The Flowers

Daniel Selzer danselzer at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 6 14:02:13 EDT 2006

The Flowers were from Scotland...and lead singer
Hilary was I think married to Bob Last who ran Fast
Records/Pop Aural. Far as I know, they only released
the two singles on Pop Aural and the two tracks on
Earcom 1, which I think contain a different version of
one of the singles? I'd have to check...I may have
that confused with the later Mutant Pop compilation,
which has the songs from the first Pop Aural single
but in a different version?

there's a great website, almost complete, with lots of


dan selzer
acute records

--- melanie ann berlin <melaniebee at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey dudes,
> Can anyone give me some info on the band The
> Flowers, who released singles
> on Fast Product and Pop Aural? I did some poking
> around on the internet and
> I couldn't find that much info on them. Were they
> from Scotland or were they
> from Australia? Were they the same band who mutated
> into Icehouse? (I'm
> assuming not.)
> Thanks,
> Melanie Ann Berlin

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