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Glad to see that folks are distinguishing the Fun Boy Three period from 
the SAW
period.  My recollection is that Bananarama basically started as Fun Boy Three
guest vocalists - "It Ain't What You Do" has Terry Hall's vocals all over it,
for instance.  It wasn't until later with "Cruel Summer" and "Venus" that they
became actual popstars.


Quoting ERIC GREGORY <ericsgregory at msn.com>:

> looks like it's been established that they don't play their own 
> instruments but here's some additional marginalia:
> siobhan fahey co-wrote "young at heart" with bobby bluebell (and 
> legally- the violin/fiddle player) for the bluebells (and a very 
> different arrangement is on "deep sea skivving"), she's been involved 
> in more than a couple projects post-bananarama (most notably-err- 
> shakespeare's sister).
> she and sarah and karen all had hands in writing songs off the 
> aforementioned debut lp.
> and paul weller wrote a song (pretty lousy) called "dr. love" which 
> was used on the same record.
> i believe weller and his pal dr. robert (blow monkeys) had a hand in 
> some of the playing and singing on that track as well (and possibly 
> the entire record- i don't have my copy handy).
> believe it or not, bananarama existed pre- SAW and they weren't any 
> worse than most other new-pop detritus.
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> Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"> > Does anyone 
> remember if Bananarama played their own instruments?  How involved 
> were they in songwriting?  I am doing a paper for the EMP Pop Con 
> that touches on mainstream 80s "girl bands" and want to include them, 
> but haven't found much reliable lit out there on them (or "the Nana" 
> as they are called by fans!).>    >   Thanks,>   Lizzie Ehrenhalt>   
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