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thanks for posting that, oliver, as i've never seen a photo of the 
mytsterious noh mercy before.

decided to google them to see what would come up and found these tid-bits:

two more cool photos at 

jim jocoy at his spring 2005 show in baltimore's g-spot featuring his photos 
from 1978-1980 that appear in his book "We're Desperate":   "'That girl on the 
left is now a henna artist. She was in the band, Noh Mercy.' He shakes his 
head. 'They were brilliant, really brilliant.'"

this one from the san franciso chronicle, august 2005: After mentioning the 
New Yorker's story about Tyler Cassity and green burials, I heard from 
Esmerelda Kent, designer and manufacturer of green (not necessarily the color of 
shamrocks, but environmentally correct) burial shrouds. It was a shroud made by her 
company, Kinkaraco, that was used for Nate on "Six Feet Under.''
Kent describes herself as a former diva in the Angels of Light and the punk 
rock band Noh Mercy, and costume designer "for the likes of Busta Rhymes and 
Industrial Light and Magic.''
Shrouds are "reinforced for stability,'' says her Web site, www.kinkaraco.com
, and come with permanently attached devices for lowering the body into the 
grave. The top-of-the-line Royal Deity shroud, possibly made of antique 
textiles, can cost as much as $5,000, but the price range starts at $199 wholesale, 
and Kent describes her Purelight plain linen shrouds as "very reasonable, 
especially ordered in quantity.''   (her company's motto:  “Look beautiful—in the 
last thing you’ll ever wear.")

someone posted on an online forum (at planbmag.com):   "It's about time 
someone did an article on the whole Bob last/fast product/pop aural thing. there i 
so little infomation on the web. like who were Noh Mercy? that caucasion guilt 
track is one of if not the the most powerfull musical statements i've ever 

and just found this great piece at   

"NOH MERCY: ‘Caucasian Guilt’ (‘Earcom 3’ comp. e.p. / Fast Product 1979)
Bob Last sure was an envelope pusher when it came to releasing records. Thank 
Christ. The same firebrand who gave Britain its first taste of the Dead 
Kennedys as well as an eclectic and unpredictable collection of releases such as 
the Melon's ‘Where Were You’, Gang Of Four’s ‘Damaged Goods’ and the lesser 
known but absolutely superb ‘Horrorshow’ by Scottish hopefuls, the Scars. 
Towards the end of the 70’s, Last put out a trio of compilations called ‘Earcom’ 
showcasing the talents of some more DIY-orientated acts, which is where San 
Francisco’s Noh Mercy came to light. To my limited knowledge, these were two 
teenage girls – one pounding out a primal rhythm on a battered sounding drumkit 
while the other screeches incandescently over the top. And that’s it. And it’s 
incredible. A vicious diatribe against political correctness, ‘Caucasian Guilt’
 spits venom so caustic it’s utterly terrifying.
On first hearing it at the tender age of 12, even my shaky moral fibre called 
into question such near-the-knuckle lines as ‘I don’t care if faggots call 
me a cunt / I don’t care if they take me out to lunch / I don’t mind high 
heels on a dyke / just don’t knock me off of my bike’, but this is a song of 
protest, not of predjudice. In a PC age gone wild, ‘Caucasian Guilt’ is a call 
for the elimination of barriers created by those who sought to break them down 
in the first place. They conclude: ‘need no Caucasian guilt / I’m ready for a 
brand new race / one concerned with the way you evolve / not the arrangement 
of your face.’ This and its accompanying track ‘Revolutionary Spy’ on the ‘
Earcom 3’ e.p. are their only available recordings as far as I can tell. There’
s a couple of pictures and various brief mentions if you scour the web, but 
aside from that, Noh Mercy remain an angry enigma. I kinda like it that way."

me too! (but i can't resist a little googling...)

and here's where someone posted "caucasian guilt":


the file plays really badly (weird glitchy-sounds that aren't on the original 
recording) but it'll give you an idea of what all this raving is about.   the 
same person also posted "revolutionary spy" but it appears to be gone so no 
point in listing the url here.   guess i'll still have to rip these tracks from 
my vinyl.   ; )

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