[TypicalGirls] Is this tune by The Raincoats??

Emily Arkin viole_falushe at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 22 10:20:10 EST 2005

Le Trimm=the original Fannypack. 
I actually totally love that Cars That Go Boom song.
There is something great about the organic nature of the

And, really, bless the net because we have somewhere to
talk about the Raincoats. I remember dialing into a BBS as
a kid and trying to find out something about music and
there would only be, like, one little message about trading
Grateful Dead boots. And I hoped against hope that maybe
there would someday be information about a band that I

And now there is more info about every band than I probably
have time to read in my lifetime (tho some of it spurious)!


--- Aileen Brophy <poptones13 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> > I once ended up with a Le Trimm (with rappers Tigra and
> Bunny) song labelled Le
> Tigre...
> I got that exact same one!  ;)  In a way it was good,
> because it exposed me to a song I wouldn't have otherwise
> heard, but it was also bad because it gave me no idea of
> who actually did the track.  I've seen the same thing
> happen on Ebay where sellers just plop the name of bands
> who sound the same in the title, which is misleading.

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