[TypicalGirls] Is this tune by The Raincoats??

Daniel Selzer danselzer at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 22 04:02:11 EST 2005

--- George Romansic <romansic at serv.net> wrote:
> -About Kelsey's mention of the Neo Boys and Stinky
> Toys last week:  how
> weird to mention those two bands in the same
> message.  I've been looking for
> records from both for a while now.  I saw the Neo
> Boys a bunch of times, but
> didn't save their records because I didn't think
> they did the band justice!

somebody I met on the "internet" was supposed to tape
me the Neo Boys record but never followed through(not
like I've never done such a thing). But I'm dying over
here! The few tracks on the History of Portland Punk
Vol 1 CD, which you can still get on CDr at:


are just amazing! Anyone have this record that can put
it on CD for trade?

btw, just came back from the first Nightingales show
in NYC. Somebody told me Miranda Stanton from Thick
Pigeon was in the audience, of all people. The
Nightingales were good fun, as were the opening bands,
the Victoria Lucas and the Oxford Collapse. Those in
NYC will have one more chance to see the Nightingales,
this time with Typical Girls faves Tracy + the
Plastics and Tallboys, as well as Barr and
Notekillers. For more info:


later, dan

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