[TypicalGirls] Is this tune by The Raincoats??

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Mon Mar 21 22:05:46 EST 2005

Wow, that's some great sleuthing.  I thought that question had to be a joke
when I first read it.  This is quite a group, free of most of those
relentless ego-displays I've seen almost everywhere else online, and you all
deserve a tip of the hat for that.

This is my first message since joining in the fall, so I'm going to use the
opportunity to mention two things I didn't respond to the first time around:

-If memory serves, before their second album the Raincoats either advertised
for a drummer in NME or else it was reported that they were searching for
one, which I remember prompted several days of serious consideration on my
part.  I'd been playing for a year or two, and was sure I'd be a perfect
fit, never mind that I lived in Seattle.  My failure to follow through
remains one of my few regrets.

-About Kelsey's mention of the Neo Boys and Stinky Toys last week:  how
weird to mention those two bands in the same message.  I've been looking for
records from both for a while now.  I saw the Neo Boys a bunch of times, but
didn't save their records because I didn't think they did the band justice!
(Don't ask about the Gang of Four live soundboard tape I recorded over for
the same reason). My (soon-to-be) wife Joanie played on the bill with them
in her band Rally Go and we even put them up in our apartment one time.  I'd
love to hear that interview.  Also, that Stinky Toys record of Boozy Creed
was a guilty pleasure of mine for a time but I was such a serious lad that I
convinced myself it had to go.  Somehow I became convinced they were a
novelty act, and this was even before the Elli + Jacno thing made me
question whether they really "meant it, man".  

Now that I've outgrown my existential doofus phase and can just enjoy things
I'd like to hear all this stuff again!

Thanks all,
George Romansic   

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That's right--that movie's funny/ridiculous in that she
keeps talkin about Bikini Kill and the Gits and the
Raincoats, but then she's totally into...Letters to Cleo!

I'm not sure if she called actually called them "The
Raincoats" or if they were credited that way. But anyway, I
could see the movie causing some confusion in the P2P
world, where people get easily confused.


--- Mike Appelstein <mike at appelstein.com> wrote:
> It definitely doesn't sound like the kind of the song the
> Raincoats would
> cover, even live.  But wait!  Didn't Letters To Cleo
> appear as "The
> Raincoats" in the movie _10 Things I Hate About You_?  I
> remember finding a
> cover of "Cruel to be Kind" by "The Raincoats" on the
> original Napster, and
> it turned out to be the L2C version. So if Letters to
> Cleo also covered "I
> Want You To Want Me," there's your possible answer.
> Mike
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> Raincoats??
> ah, thats why i know the tune .. but this is
> definitely a female singer .. thanks Mike.
> --- Mike Appelstein <mike at appelstein.com> wrote:
> > Sounds like you're talking about Cheap Trick's "I
> > Want You to Want Me."  I
> > doubt the Raincoats ever covered it, although who
> > knows?
> > 
> > -Mike
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> > 
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> > Subject: [TypicalGirls] Is this tune by The
> > Raincoats??
> > 
> > It starts:
> > "I want you to want me, I need you to need me, I'd
> > love you to love me .."
> > and the chorus starts:
> > "Didn't I didn't I didn't I see you crying .." etc
> > I'm a big Raincoats fan and um "acquired" this mp3
> > ..
> > and it is soooo familiar, but I can't place the
> > title
> > (they call it "I want you to love me").  I'm
> > starting
> > to wonder if it is The Raincoats after all.  Any
> > help
> > would be appreciated as I want to hunt it out on cd,
> > thanks.
> > 

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