[TypicalGirls] 2 things

Kelsey Guntharp kbguntha at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 8 15:57:06 EST 2005

  hey all. i'm glad i finally found this group again. i meant to join about 
4 years ago but forgot the name and lost it. well, here i am. i was just 
wondering if anyone caught the great interview on KBOO in portland with the 
Neo Boys. (Portland early 80s) It was totally great. They talked a lot about 
the times, the music, the foks and what they're doing now. I have a CD copy 
if anyone is interested.

   2nd thing. i was wondering if anyone had any movie recommendations re: 
ladies in early punk. i know there's stuff like 'the fabulous stains' 'times 
square' and then 'Decline Of The Western Civilization' for live stuff. any 
other recommendations?

thanks ya'll. just picked up the stinky toys lp. it's great. anyone else a 


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