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Ana da Silva...The Raincoats etcHey Shirley;
Good to hear your "voice" after all these years. 
I look forward to catching up--on you and all the Raincoats.
I'm about to graduate nursing school, got a daughter and am living with her upstate NY.  I was just remembering how, when I was touring with Eight Eyed Spy,  you guys stayed with my Mom on 11th Street!!  I remember the little hand held electronic game you gave her as a gift (tennis or something--they were the new big thing at the time! 1980?!).  
Anyway, would love to hear from you.

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  I was just checking out some links for some stuff for Ana da Silva on the web and I came across Typical Girls and was really interested in the list as I have worked directly with The Raincoats since 1979 and was involved with many of the other bands during my time at Rough Trade Records between 1978 and 1984. 

  There were  a couple of references/ questions about Ana and The Raincoats which I wanted to answer:
  We just got hold of some stock last month of The Raincoats, Odyshape, Moving and Looking in the Shadows. These cds and Ana's new releases are all available via mail order at www.roughtrade.com - but I also know that Chicks on Speed will be distributing Ana's stuff in the U.S.A from this week onwards.

  Ana's show at the Spitz was really great on Thursday night - looking forward to the show with Le Tigre on the 15th March at The Forum.

  There's a couple of  names from the past I'd like to hear from like Hilary Jaeger and Barbara Gogan....

  I also noticed that Tobi Vail wants to get in touch with Ana - she'll drop you an email.

  all the best,
  Shirley O'Loughlin 


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