[TypicalGirls] cinderella's big score

Untiednations at aol.com Untiednations at aol.com
Mon Jan 31 16:36:18 EST 2005

i just got the book "cinderella's big score" as a present, and from what i've read so far i highly recommend it.  each band/person has their own chapter, which means that there's less lumping-together of certain bands and more of a sense of the distinct identity of each... the slits chapter has great quotes i'd never seen before, and the raincoats one is wonderful since it's hard to find any real information about them on the internet.  the great big lydia lunch chapter has some really intelligent quotes and anecdotal tidbits...

basically, it has enough basic information but doesn't get boring for those who've already searched for all the trivia.  and it does what most books that mention "women in punk" don't: actually describe the MUSIC.  since it's narrowed down further (more so than books about punk or books about female musicians), the author seems to really know what she's talking about and doesn't make generalizations.  and if anyone can appreciate that, it's the people on this list!


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