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The Gang of Four were the first band I ever saw (not counting a comedy band I saw as a child with my parents!). Autumn 1978, in a venue in Bournemouth (UK) which must once have been an underground car park, or something. It was a Siouxsie and the Banshees show, Nico was supposed to support but instead it was I was Spizz Oil and the Go4. I had just turned 15. When I arrived, the Go4 were soundchecking. I had never heard of them, and had no idea what a soundcheck was. I peered round the corner where the bouncers were making people wait, and there was this band playing to no-one in this big concrete room with big pillars holding up the ceiling. It was very eerie.
Heard them on John Peel a few days later, recognising the refrain "your kiss so sweet/your sweat so sour", and sent off for the EP. A few months later - in May 1979 - I went with my brother to see them headline the Lyceum in London. Supports were the Mekons, the Specials, and the Delta 5. I was annoyed because the venue was letting people in very slowly and we missed part of the Delta 5's set. They were great. (After the Specials played, a little guy with glasses squeezed between me & my brother on his way to the front - took a few seconds to register that this was Elvis Costello, and he was, I gather, on his way backstage to offer to produce the first Specials LP). The Gang of Four were on raging form, in fact I remember being surprised at how 'rock' they seemed, filling the big stage with their movement and noise. They encored with the Rezillos' 'I Can't Stand My Baby'.
That's enough nostalgia from me. The last Electrelane show I saw was even better than that!
- Andy

> Wow. My brother and sister and I were talking over the holidays about best live bands we've seen thus far in our lifetimes. Naturally, hard to narrow down..especially if you've seen endless great shows...but Gang of Four (was it Irving Plaza?) in 1980, I guess (the only time I've seen them)--was UNBELIEVABLE!!

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