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Thu Jan 27 16:07:07 EST 2005

i totally agree with what maria, dan, steve (and pascale!) have said on this 
subject.   as this list generally consists of quite intelligent people, i 
think most everyone "gets it"—i.e. we second that EMOTICON! ; )   i like this 
group's moniker; however, it might be fun and illustrative of what we are all 
about here, to add "...and boys!" to the group's website (in a smaller font to 
indicate that it's not part of the group's official name).   imho, this list 
would not be as intellectually and philosophically well-rounded were it to consist 
solely of females and i, for one, truly appreciate that aspect.   so.... viva 
le typical boys!    : )

so who knows any more about the Gof4 spring US tour?!?   ; )


In a message dated 1/27/05 1:12:03 PM, maria at plainparade.org writes:

> chiming in on this topic...
> i am of the personal belief that sometimes, in order to keep a mailing list
> active, its focus needs to change track, even if altering it oh-so-slightly.
> im not going to suggest that we drop the entire, intial focus of the list 
> this
> is one of the few places on the internet where people can talk about the 
> delta
> 5, dolly mixture, erase errata [and others] in the same breath -- thats 
> what's
> attracted me here, and im sure that many others can agree this is what makes 
> the
> list so special.
> but if someone wants to talk about gang of four or post-punk bands that may 
> not
> have female members, its OK. in fact, i like that we can talk generally 
> about
> post-punk here and not be scolded lest we stray [a sad practice that occurs 
> on
> other lists].
> my .02$
> -maria.
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