[TypicalGirls] typical boys & girls

maria tessa sciarrino maria at plainparade.org
Thu Jan 27 13:11:22 EST 2005

chiming in on this topic...

i am of the personal belief that sometimes, in order to keep a mailing list
active, its focus needs to change track, even if altering it oh-so-slightly.

im not going to suggest that we drop the entire, intial focus of the list this
is one of the few places on the internet where people can talk about the delta
5, dolly mixture, erase errata [and others] in the same breath -- thats what's
attracted me here, and im sure that many others can agree this is what makes the
list so special.

but if someone wants to talk about gang of four or post-punk bands that may not
have female members, its OK. in fact, i like that we can talk generally about
post-punk here and not be scolded lest we stray [a sad practice that occurs on
other lists].

my .02$

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