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Well...I'm certainly willing to change the name and scope of the list to reflect these changes. Any suggestions as to how to do it? Is gender an important or unifying factor? What bands would exemplify this aesthetic of philosophy? Who do we need to include? I'll make the changes if you give me some more details to go on...


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ha, dina!  that seems like the next logical evolutionary step.   i think the musical era in which we here are most interested had a strong androgynous aspect anyway.  pascale said it most eloquently in his post of january 24th!

in any case, i, for one, am VERY excited about the prospect of experiencing the orgasm that is Gof4 live once again.  there was a time when they were the band that i had seen play more than any other band —even "ran away from home" for a night to see their first ENTERTAINMENT!-era show in nyc!  (and still thankful that i did!!!)  admittedly, their last shows (and recordings) paled in comparison so i truly hope they "get it right" with this regrouping...

anyone know what the tour dates are?  where they'll play in nyc?  or anything else TYPICAL GIRLS AND BOYS need to know?  ; ) 


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Hmm...the list seems to have evolved. Should we re-name it to typical girls
and boys: the post-punk era? :-)


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> article in today's NY times
> >now the Gang of Four is headed for the road. "The goal is to be as
> >incredibly intense as we were the first time around," Mr. Allen said.
> >"What we have to do is leave them with their tongues hanging out again.
> >If not, we don't retain our authority in the musical canon. There's no
> >excuse that we're 23 years older."
> >
> >Mr. Burnham added, "I realized that we could do it because we all still
> >had our hair."
> us dates are being lined up in may
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