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Aha!  I thought I remembered this fact being mentioned in a post you or
someone else made a few months back, but I could not recall who it was.  

Though I only was able to visit once I always checked the TR3 schedule in
the back of each week's Village Voice (which arrived in new hometown Seattle
roughly a week after the shows had happened).  25+ years later I can't
recall exactly what I saw listed but I do remember being more impressed by
the TR3 schedule than by many of the other bigger-name clubs of the era.

Barring someone coming forward with sad tales of broken promises and no
payment at the end of the night, you get a tip of the hat for some good

And are we allowed to ask what people are doing now?  Let's figure out the
geographical midpoint of the locations of all members of this list and agree
to meet for a picnic. (Insert appropriate emoticon here).


PS: Would welcome anyone who can point me to an archive or two where I'll
find specific info on NYC shows of that era.  Photos would be ideal, as I
try to summon hazy memories of such as TR3 and CB's 2nd Avenue Theater to
prove to the kids that it really happened the way I keep telling them it

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That would be me.  Say it loud, I booked and I'm proud.  (winking smiley
face with eyebrow arched and tongue hanging out the side of it's mouth)

The Individuals a number of times in the fall of 1979.  I liked them alot,

Thanks for your post re:TR3.  It was certainly up close and personal---the
room the bands played in was small; the "stage", which was hardly that,
couldn't have been more than a foot off the ground and you could get whacked
in the head with a guitar if you weren't careful.

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> On a side note, but who was it that booked TR3?  I attended that club just
> once during a winter visit to NYC, in maybe 1979 or 80 (?).  I liked it.
> Cozy.  Plentiful beer.  The headlining band was The Individuals, who were
> great fun (their recordings did not do them justice, and the bands that
> splintered into were much less interesting).  In my hazy memory it was
> of like watching a band in someone's rec-room, up close and personal.
> Growing to be a fan of the tangent...
> -GR
> -----> While spending my lunch hour doing some Googling, it occurred to me
> that the late Ruth Polsky was one of the unsung champions of post-punk
> in America.  Apparently she was one of the few promoters (along with
> select others, like Jim Fouratt and our own Hilary Jaeger) who brought
> the early Rough Trade bands to NYC.  Who was she, and how did she end
> up being one of the go-to people in NYC for young, challenging UK bands?
> too young and suburban to have attended any of those shows,
> -Mike
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