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Thu Apr 14 18:03:08 EDT 2005

 Andy RRR wrote:
>Amy Spencer's book 'DIY: the Rise of Lo-Fi Culture' - <http://www.marionboyars.co.uk/Specific%20title%20pages/DIY%20culture.html>http://www.marionboyars.co.uk/Specific%20title%20pages/DIY%20culture.html - is finally out.

following up that link (thanks Andy) one discovers:

>  To order books directly via the Internet, please click on orders at centralbooks.com

but when I wrote asking if they took paypal, i got 

>Hi Joly
>I can’t seem to locate his title in our database. Do you know who publish it? Unfortunately we do not accept Pay Pal.
>Chris Tordoff
>Mail order Department
>Central Books Ltd
>99 Wallis Road
>E9 5LN
>Tel 44  (0)845 458 9910
>Fax 44 (0)845 458 9912
>email <mailto:chris at centralbooks.com>chris at centralbooks.com


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