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On a side note, but who was it that booked TR3?  I attended that club just
once during a winter visit to NYC, in maybe 1979 or 80 (?).  I liked it.
Cozy.  Plentiful beer.  The headlining band was The Individuals, who were
great fun (their recordings did not do them justice, and the bands that they
splintered into were much less interesting).  In my hazy memory it was kind
of like watching a band in someone's rec-room, up close and personal.

Growing to be a fan of the tangent...


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While spending my lunch hour doing some Googling, it occurred to me 
that the late Ruth Polsky was one of the unsung champions of post-punk 
in America.  Apparently she was one of the few promoters (along with 
select others, like Jim Fouratt and our own Hilary Jaeger) who brought 
the early Rough Trade bands to NYC.  Who was she, and how did she end 
up being one of the go-to people in NYC for young, challenging UK bands?

too young and suburban to have attended any of those shows,
mike at appelstein.com
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