[TypicalGirls] FW: You Can Download Dolly Mixture Stuff Here...

Daniel Selzer danselzer at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 5 00:44:36 EDT 2005

--- pascale amzallou <pascaleamz at yahoo.com> wrote:
> There is not
> really
> any solid evidence that downloading kills sales, in
> fact
> many artists (especially more obscure ones) believe
> quite the opposite.

I've debated both sides of this endlessly, but an
interesting question is, does downloading kill the
interest in reissuing? To a certain degree, I believe
it does. Actually, not so much downloading, but
bootlegging. I put it this way recently. Say we assume
Dolly Mixture, if released on CD to no fanfare would
sell 1,000 CDs. Now could we assume that if the label
that released them really promoted the CD that perhaps
they could get a bunch more sales by converting people
through introducing them through press. Now if a Dolly
Mixture bootleg came out, and all 1,000 fans bought
the CD, could a small label justify releasing the CD,
knowing the core market they could depend on may not
exist? More specifically, I think I see this going on
in dance music, regarding the oft-bootlegged
italo-disco obscurities.

Am I guilty of this? I never bought the Silver Apples
and Neu! legit CDs because I own the bootleg CDs. Is
that wrong? Yes. 

Why do I mention all of this? Well, there's this
little debate about the Desperate Bicycles that I
almost didn't want to mention because I really want
people to stop posting to that thread:


Now, I know I can come accross the hypocrite in
this/that debate, but if anything that reflects my own
ambiguity about the entire situation, but also a
knee-jerk reaction reflecting my own guilt seeing a
Desperate Bicycles CD for sale on eBay/GEMM. In any
case, I post this link because like, perhaps the
debate in response to Mike's post has already taken


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