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pascale amzallou pascaleamz at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 5 00:12:45 EDT 2005

The BBC and live material is just as copyrighted as
Demonstration Tapes, so on that basis your dilemma is
a little askew.  In fact, that the band own the DTs at
least puts their failure to license that material on
own doorsteps, particularly as they have knowledge
people are interested.  You can't say the same for the
BBC necessarily!

But as to the bigger question, take a look at the Dave
Clark Five.

In one of the smartest moves in pop history, ol' Dave
signed a deal which allowed for master ownership to
revert to him after a period of years.  He could have 
made a fortune off this, as the market for '60s pop / 
rock never really diminished, and the DC5 were one of
the bigger and better-loved bands of the era.  

But Dave waited to license his material.  And waited
some more.  Finally, at the dawn of the CD age, he
started "offering" his catalog for Beatles-like
A bit over the top.  No one bit, so in one of the
moves in rock history, Dave just waited some more. 
waited.  And waited.  Finally, he licensed a greatest
comp to whet the appetites of labels for a complete
catalog reissue program, a la the Beach Boys, Beatles
Kinks.  But he waited too long - the set didn't sell
well, and with the advent of SoundScan, it was easy
otherwise interested labels to see that there was no
longer much of an audience for the DC5 - with the
material out of print for so long, most people had
forgotten about them.

Incredibly and stupidly bitter at the world for
having written himself out of history, Dave Clark
refuses to license his material, and is now one
the most forgotten of 60's pop heroes, at least
to his earlier fame.

I think that keeping the material out there is what
interest in an artist's work alive.  This is probably
especially true with a more obscure act such as Dolly
Mixture, so frankly, you should encourage people to
download it and spread the word!  There is not really
any solid evidence that downloading kills sales, in
many artists (especially more obscure ones) believe
quite the opposite.

And why should you feel guilty, Mike?  I'm sure you'd
a reissue the day it was issued, regardless of whether
you'd already downloaded it!


--- Mike Appelstein <mike at appelstein.com> wrote:
> I happily downloaded the live and BBC sets, but is
> anyone else having an
> ethical problem with the entire Demonstration Tapes
> double LP and 7" tracks
> being online?  I'm torn about it - I fervently
> believe that Demonstration
> Tapes should never have gone out of print even once,
> let alone twice.  But I
> wonder what the band would think of this if they
> knew.  I know they've
> discussed a proper reissue, but maybe they wouldn't
> bother if if the
> potential buyers are just going to download it off
> the Internet anyway.  I'm
> curious to know what others think about this.
> -Mike
> mike at appelstein.com
> http://djearlybird.blogspot.com
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