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Andy RRR rrrhythmetic at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Sep 26 16:58:36 EDT 2004

Could it be Sheila Chandra? She was a child actress who then sang with the Anglo-Asian band Monsoon (they had a hit around 1980 called 'Ever So Lonely' which drew heavily on a Kinks song), and since then she's been a solo artiste, drawing on traditional music from India and elsewhere (including Celtic folk music) as well as a smattering of 60s psychedelia. Maybe she made that record you found before joining Monsoon? Can't see her doing no-wavey stuff, though, really.
- Andy

hey gang -

i found a record this afternoon at a park record sale by a woman named 
chandra called "transportation" and im wondering if anyone has info 
about it. it was released in 1980 by On. its pretty decent -- very 
much in the vein early post-punk/no-wave stuff.

hope everyone's doing well!

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