[TypicalGirls] Dyan Diamond?

Dlp9001 at aol.com Dlp9001 at aol.com
Thu Sep 23 22:57:19 EDT 2004

I've been a lurker for a while, but I've run out of leads on this one.  Does anyone by any chance know the whereabouts of Dyan Diamond of Venus & The Razorblades?  She later worked with Kim Fowley and had one pretty good solo album when she was still a teenager (I think).  Her ex-bandmate was kind of creepy when I contacted him, to the point where I didn't really want to stay in touch with him, but I am trying to find out what happened to her after her one album.  Thanks, if anyone knows...I'm working on a short article/post about her.  Kim Fowley didn't return my emails, rats.

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