[TypicalGirls] Fur Cups For Teeth

WWWhatsup joly at dti.net
Fri Sep 17 12:31:47 EDT 2004

tipped by sara, i went and checked out FCFT at their show in NYC last night

i filmed, but speakers fell over during the craziness off their set, sending my
MD recording the vocals off the board crashing to the floor, wiping the recording..

i guess this was not quite their regular line-up as it was far more punk
than electro, and stubble could perceived on the chin of the nevertheless
'hot' drummer.

i took bp fallon along, and he was impressed enough to immediately book
them to play his new Death Disco NY thing, probly a week on wednesday

band's www is, unsurprisingly, http://www.furcupsforteeth.com/


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