[TypicalGirls] Blunt Stitches

Larry-bob Roberts larrybob at io.com
Fri Sep 10 20:47:04 EDT 2004

Anyone know anything about the Blunt Stitches from Columbus, Ohio, circa
1981?  Apparently their only released recordings are on a compilation called
"Nowhere 81."  I'm in the process of finding out more information.  Most of
the info on the web is about the overdose of their singer Arlus Stitch.  I
have some old issues of Offense fanzine which include a live review and a
review of the tape.  Anyone have the Feb 1982 issue of New York Rocker?
There's supposed to be a review of the tape in there.  See also this:

Blunt Stitches        Columbus
- Hips / Eat My Wad 7" New Age NA1005, 1982 NR
  There definitely was a Blunt Stitches from Columbus. Long ago
  I asked Mike Rep if this 45 existed and he said no. He could
  be wrong, but I've never seen it.[BD] I have a recording by them on an
  extremely hard-to-find cassette only comp (listed in Volume) called
  Nowhere '81: Live in Columbus. This tape is also notable for having a
  Screaming Urge song or two. I haven't listened to the thing in a while so
  I couldn't comment right now on how any of the tracks sound. I agree
  that the 7" doesn't exist.[JF]

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