[TypicalGirls] Making Waves

Andy RRR rrrhythmetic at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 9 12:42:10 EDT 2004

Finally got round to digging out the Making Waves comp. As well as the excellent Amy and the Angels track, there's a beautiful song by the Belles ('You Told Me a Lie') - sounding a bit Dolly Mixture-esque, slick jazz from the Guest Stars and the Sisterhood of Spit, a nice song from the great Gymslips, some clunkily awkward new wavey bands, Flatbackers-soundalikes the Nancy Boys, cod reggae from the Mistakes (whose Mavis Bayton wrote the useful book 'Frock Rock' for Oxford UP a few years ago), and that Rock Goddess song - which is really really bad, and not just because of the lo-fi production...

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