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Chuck Warner chuck at hyped2death.com
Thu Sep 9 11:11:22 EDT 2004

Jerri's on-line --at least her novels/ poetry / film.  If there's 
interest I should get around to compiling the music...  Google her as 
"Jerri Cain Rossi"

My Homework series has "I Left My Heart" from the solo 45 (Homework 
#1 1/2, out of print: re-packaged soon on #104?), and Jerri's 
terrific mid-80s band from Boston, Black Cat Bone on volumes #9 and 
#10. I may have some returns of the 1 1/2: give me an e-mail or visit 
the h2d site:

i've been on this list for about 3 years and i think this is the 
first time i've written. and i just woke up and am very hung over. 
but i'm excited to see someone mention jerri rossi. she is from 
denver, CO not germany. she released one 7" and it's amazing. the a 
side is 'i left my heart but i dont know where' and the b side is a 
james brown cover. she was also in a band called your funeral. maybe 
more later when im less likely to vomit....

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