[TypicalGirls] copy me a song please

Nicole nicole at jennywoolworth.ch
Sun Oct 31 15:01:03 EST 2004

hi there
I am putting together a special typical girls type computerized playlist for
the radio station I work at (Radio LoRa in Zürich, Switzerland) and need
high quality (320 kbps) mp3s of the folllowing songs. I¹ve tried Limewire

Dangerous Birds ­ Alpha Romeo / Smile on Your Face
Crash Course in Science ­ Cardboard Lamb / F
Edith Nylon ­ Edith Nylon / Cinemascope
Inflatable Boy Clams ­ anything and everything

Can anyone out there email me these tracks perhaps? I would be eternally
grateful. The next fondue will be on me.

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