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>GANG OF FOUR: Entertainment! CD (EMI 32146CD). UK-only issue (as released in
>1995) of the 1st Gang of Four album, originally released in 1979. Includes
>the original 12 tracks plus 3 bonus tracks from the 1980 "Yellow" EP.
>"Entertainment! is an album born of frustration, of being boxed in, trapped,
>imprisoned and socially rejected. 'I'm so restless, I'm bored as a cat,' King
>repeats during 'Glass'. On '5.45', even watching the news is an excruciating
>ordeal: 'How can I sit and eat my tea with all that blood flowing from the
>television'. The sense of disgust is as profound and intense as that found in
>the pages of Jean-Paul Sartre's existentialist bible, Nausea, hallucinating
>to the point of delirium ('the red spot in the egg that looks like all the
>blood'). It's this very frustration ? both in the lyrics and the spiked,
>tautness of the music -- that gives the record its unique edge,
>Entertainment! is a compound of the despair one feels the moment before
>furniture is smashed and windows broken, as opposed to the more insular angst
>of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures released the same year. Never wallowing
>in its own negativity, it constantly demands a response, lines crying out
>like unavoidable 50-foot Situationist billboards: 'The problem of leisure,
>what to do for pleasure?' Entertainment! is a jab in the ribs, a boot up the
>listener's apathetic arse, a catalyst to absorb, to consider and then react
>to. In short, Entertainment! was an impossibly hard act to follow. Yet if
>it's any consolation, in the 21 years since it was first released, few bands
>have been able to boast such a near flawless first offering in terms of bite,
>spontaneity and bloody-minded courage. Gang Of Four's debut is, even by
>today's standards, an unparalled sensory assault. It still sneers. It still
>rages. God forbid, it still entertains." -- Simon Goddard. $16.00

>PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED: First Issue CD (VIR 87475CD). UK-only issue of the
>legendary debut Public Image album, originally released by Virgin in 1978.
>Never issued in the US. John Lydon, Jah Wobble, Keith Levene, Jim Walker, at
>their 2nd best (1979's Second Edition was their unequivocal masterpiece).
>"One of the simplest notion in all of rock'n'roll -- repetition -- is what
>carries this highly combustive LP, fused together brightly with only the
>extremest elements of Krautrock, dub, and punk all in a 'Space Ritual' type
>racket. Recorded in September and issued December, 1978, the album was so
>repetitious and even more in your face than the Sex Pistols, journalists
>wrote this and subsequent P.I.L. albums off as 'anti-art', in a futile and
>utterly misread attempt to explain a sound so downright abrasive and
>previously unheard -- read as: unremembered. It was in no way, shape or form
>a prank, but for 1978, it was totally alien in its extremity, fuelled by the
>precise anger of Lydon's voice that manage to push the whole album at Mach
>whatever speed through innumerable red lights --about as much as the rhythm
>section, graced by the never-ending poise of Jah Wobble's bottomless dub bass
>and drummer Jim Walker's drum hits that resound like repeated gunshots in the
>dub-contained, airtight studio." Tracklisting: 'Theme', 'Religion 1',
>'Religion 11', 'Annalisa', 'Public Image', 'Low Life', 'Attack',
>'Fodderstompf'. $16.00

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