[TypicalGirls] the bird blobs, in NYC this week

ian wadley ianw at uar.com.au
Wed Oct 20 20:21:14 EDT 2004

the Bird Blobs are from Melbourne (Australia), and we're playing in New
York this week.

the group is all boys, but I thought I'd say hi seeing as (a) I'm on
this list (and I get the impression many of you are in NY), and (b)
amongst us (the band I mean) are fans of the Slits, ESG, various TG

so if yr curious (and I am sorry 4 the spamola if you aren't) there's an
mp3 in the news section of our website (http://www.birdblobs.com) which
incidentally doesn't yet mention the next few gigs: 
fri 22nd @ rothko (dunno who else)
sat 23rd @ delancey (bad wizard + fresh kills + bird blobs)
tues 26th @ lit (dork bot/bird blobs/the bad mouths)



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