[TypicalGirls] Re: Tete Brulee/Birthday Party

sasscer1 at bellsouth.net sasscer1 at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 14 20:29:37 EDT 2004

1. Can confirm desirability of B.P's Pleasure Heads dvd
2. Personal opinion that image transfer from vhs to dvd is not spectacular.
3. Personal opinion that audio transfer from vhs to dvd is adequate.
4. Can confirm "a fine roaring din" issued forth those nights that were
    taped, quite to my satisfaction
5. Can confirm decent to excellent television clips both image + audio 
6.  Cannot confirm clips include several seen on a video called
      "Nick Cave" (which seemed to be either an Australian tv documentary,
      a bootleg compilation of clips, or both.)
7. See #1 above
8. Tim Sasscer

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