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Apologies if Maria has already sent this to the list:

Get ready this week for MEDIUM MEDIUM's first Philadelphia performance 
in 21 years. However, The Nein has cancelled due to an unforeseen 
medical emergency.  Look for a rescheduled date for them in December 

FRI 10/15
At Tritone (1508 South Street)
10:00 $7, 21+

TROUBLE EVERYDAY (Soon to be on tour with The Killers!)
LISTEN: http://www.troubleeveryday.com/Days_vs_Nights.mp3
The latest princes of the underground to shake things up in the City of 
Brotherly Love are Trouble Everyday. In less than a year they have 
managed to make their presence known with their own version of post 
punk, beat heavy, angular rock n roll. Trouble Everyday is rapidly 
gathering attention as one of the most exciting live acts in 
Philadelphia. Crafting hook driven anthems to make you shake your ass, 
the bands formula of driving guitars, heavy bass and drum beats and
call-and-response style vocals make them a force to be reckoned with on 
stage. Recommended for fans of Fugazi, Gang of Four, Sonic Youth and 
Ikara Colt.

MEDIUM MEDIUM (Cherry Red Records, England - First Philly performance 
in 21  years)
Medium Medium, formed in England in 1978 and recently reunited for the  
first time in 21 years, were early innovators of what is now variously  
referred to as punk funk, no wave, death disco, disco punk, or  
neo-dance music, paving the way for the current wave of early  
1980s-influenced bands. The band's groundbreaking second single, "So  
Hungry, So Angry," made influential Village Voice music critic Robert  
Christgau's best-of-the-year "Dean's List" in 1981, entered the  
Billboard Disco Top 50 that same year, and "introduced scads of young  
bassists to the popping bass line." (Salon.com)

LISTEN: http://plainparade.org/dragon_city/Track_02.mp3
Dragon City includes ex-members of the Persons and the Clocks and  
generally pays impressive tribute to the gods of shoegaze like Ride,  
Spacemen 3 and My Bloody Valentine. Two of the three songs on the  
band's demo top eight minutes, splitting that time evenly between  
meditation and turbulence. Even when affecting the snarl of '60s  
psychedelia, Dragon City is both maddening and fascinating in its  
opaqueness. (Doug Wallen, PW)

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