Fw: Re: [TypicalGirls] YMG @ Harrah DVD

Mike Appelstein mike at appelstein.com
Fri Oct 8 14:22:20 EDT 2004

I bought it right away. It's umm, interesting! I don't
> think you're friend had much to work with, it's a bit
> dark, and needless to say, YMG weren't the most
> animated band! If you want to watch Allison kind of
> stand there at the mic and sing, it's a good purchase.
> At some point she takes here jacket off.

I haven't seen the DVD yet.  I just cashed in a ton of old LPs and 
promo CDs at my local used record emporium, and asked them to order 
this for me.  My understanding, though, is that it's the same material 
as on the original Live at The Hurrah! video.  Which means that it's, 
uh, darkly-lit.  But obviously, those of us who ever obsessed over the 
band need to see it.  The rough quality actually adds to its 
mystique...sort of how Ian Curtis looks trapped by the camera in _Here 
Are the Young Men_.  

There's a nice clip of YMG's "Include Me Out" on one of Target Video's 
_Underground Forces_ collections from way back.  And I've got a 
RealVideo clip of "NITA" on my site. :)

<< it seems just about every show at harrah was filmed..>>

Someone purchase the rights to those archives and start releasing them, 
quick!  That sounds like a historical goldmine.  Or maybe Hilary could 
start a TR3 series. :)


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