[TypicalGirls] YMG @ Harrah DVD

Daniel Selzer danselzer at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 8 14:08:20 EDT 2004

I bought it right away. It's umm, interesting! I don't
think you're friend had much to work with, it's a bit
dark, and needless to say, YMG weren't the most
animated band! If you want to watch Allison kind of
stand there at the mic and sing, it's a good purchase.
At some point she takes here jacket off. Then there's
a different concert. I recently got a YMO DVD that is
much more entertaining, footage at the Greek in LA,
which is great, then Hurrah's, which is...dark.

I've had bad luck with Cherry Red DVDs before, their
release of the Fall Perveted By Language is compressed
really poorly, I regret lending my VHS copy (to kevin
pedersen?) as it looked much better.

I'm interested though in the Birthday Party DVD of
Pleasure Heads Must Burn. I have the Ikon VHS and it's
all live except for the Nick the Stripper video.
However, the DVD says it has more footage, I've been
looking for this footage of them performing on TV that
I saw on this Nick Cave documentary. Anyone get this?


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> >
> anyone seen this yet? mike? how's the quality?
> my friend johnb mastered it for cherry red. he was
> over recently researching
> more stuff. it seems just about every show at harrah
> was filmed..
> joly
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