[TypicalGirls] The Pipettes

Larry-bob Roberts larrybob at io.com
Fri Oct 1 17:46:25 EDT 2004

A friend of mine emailed me about a current British group, the Pipettes.  He
was turned on to them by Alastair of http://www.tangents.co.uk who said

"Another reason for allowing The Jam back into my life: seeing The Pipettes
in Bristol Friday night (the ruled, of course) and afterwards Liz said that
the band sounded a bit like The Jam ­ a bit Power Pop, a bit (post) Punk, a
bit '60s Moderninst, and yeah, she's right. The Pipettes are like The Jam
backing Dolly Mixture, The Chantelles. The Orchids (the '60s girl group, not
the '80s indie geniuses) or the Rev-Lons. Fucking ACE whichever way you look
at it..."

Their website is http://www.thepipettes.co.uk

I downloaded some MP3s [couldn't find them on the site, but I found some
elsewhere] and I'm blown away... They sound very much like Dolly Mixture.

larrybob at io.com

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