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Fri Nov 5 09:21:59 EST 2004


Howdy, I'm pleased to report that Stay F---! issue #23 is now 
available for purchase. A few highlights in this issue:

::: Pricing the Priceless. How much would you pay for a case of 
chronic bronchitis? How much are hunchback whales worth? Frank 
Ackerman and Lisa Heinzerling discuss the sordid world of 
cost-benefit analysis.  Plus: A cost-benefit analysis of setting 
yourself on fire.

::: The Trouble with Wal-mart. Whatever you've heard about the retail 
giant, it's a lot worse than you think. Interview with journalist 
Liza Featherstone.

::: Eugene Mirman. The Brooklyn comic talks about his native Russia, 
temping, and surviving the comedy biz.

::: Reel People. The founders of Home Movie Day talk about amateur 
films and what they can teach us.

...and more. Subscribe now for a measily $10.95 (only $6.95 for a 
digital subscription) and we'll send you it to you now:

Full Table of Contents here:


If you haven't seen Brad Neely's awesome Harry Potter parody yet, you 
have another chance. By popular request, I've put together a 
double-CD package, which you can get for a $35 donation to Stay Free! 
Or, if you're somewhat tech savvy, you can download the audio files 
gratis from the Illegal Art Exhibit. (Though I had to remove the mp3s 
from our server to save bandwidth, they're now available via 

Order CDs here:
Or Paypal $35 to carrie at

Download free Wizard People here:

If you're in Austin, TX, you can even witness a LIVE screening of the 
movie at the downtown Alamo Drafthouse on Sat., Nov. 13 and Sun., 
Nov. 14.


I was down in Florida for the election. When I got back, still numb, 
I put on a Tom T. Hall record and had a good cry. (If anyone has any 
more innovative strategies for coping, write back and let me know!) 
I'm not sure which is worse: the prospect of four more years under 
Bush or the knowledge that so many Americans could actually vote for 

There's a lot of speculation about the electronic voting machines so 
prevalent in Florida and Ohio, speculation fueled in part by the fact 
that exit polls in those states showed Kerry ahead.

For example:

Then again, the same exit polls offered some other info that should 
give the Democrats pause:

>  * 40% of members of union households voted for Bush, as did 38% of union
>  members.
>  * 41% of those "very concerned" about the availability and cost of 
>health care voted for Bush.
>  * 25% of those who think abortion should be always legal, and 38% 
>of those who thought it should be mostly legal voted for Bush.
>  * 23% of gays/lesbians/bisexuals voted for Bush.
>  * 35% of those who'd recently lost a job voted for Bush.

(via Doug Henwood)

I must say I find the idea of a conspiracy comforting, since it's 
hard to fathom the election results otherwise. But I wish people 
would stop lightly tossing around claims about a "stolen" election 
and do some serious investigating before racing to conclusions. 
They're making it difficult for very genuine concerns about the new 
voting technologies to be taken seriously.

Black Box Voting is guilty of this to some degree, but the group's 
effort to file Freedom of Information Act requests for voting machine 
computer logs deserves your full support. They need money and 
volunteer help to pull it off, so check out and give 'em a hand if you can.


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