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Mon Aug 16 18:00:06 EDT 2004

Hello, a couple of friends and I put together this site. It's not a 
Stay F---! thing but maybe you'll appreciate it:

"Americans disgusted with President Bush have promised to vote for 
'anybody but Bush.' To which we respond, 'ANYBODY?' To test critics' 
mettle, we've decided to put the matter to a vote. Thanks to our 
state-of-the-art  survey software, people typically forbidden from 
voting -- teenagers, felons, Canadians, and African-Americans who 
live in Florida -- may join the rest of us in helping select the next 
U.S. President..."


Also, here's a query for the upcoming issue of Stay F---! geared to 
our readers here in Brooklyn. If you know any graphic designers, 
please let the know.


The lesbian community in Park Slope, Brooklyn, has been rapidly 
declining due to a number of factors, including gentrification and 
low birth rate (Lesbians reproduce at a low rate, and even when they 
do produce offspring, there is no guarantee that the child will be a 


We need your help. We're calling on designers and other creative 
people to come up with an ad campaign to help save the endangered 
lesbian population of Park Slope. Each contributor should create a 
logo, branding strategy, and sample advertisement for protecting and 
bolstering Park Slope lesbians. If you lack the resources to produce 
publishable work, sketch out your idea and, if we like it, we'll 
design it for you.

We'll publish the best ideas in the upcoming edition of Stay Free! 
magazine, and (where desired) advertise the contributor's services to 
our readers.

Digital files may be submitted in any Mac-friendly format (Indesign, 
Quark, Illustrator; Photoshop, tif, jpgs, eps at 300 dpi)

Send to carrie (at)


Stay Free! magazine
390 Butler Street, 3rd fl
Brooklyn NY 11217

Contact: Carrie McLaren, (718) 398-9425, with any questions



Beginning with the next issue, Stay F---! will be (nearly) doubling 
our circulation and distributing the magazine f--- in Park Slope, 
Brooklyn. Ad rates and deadlines here:

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