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Carrie McLaren carrie at
Thu Mar 6 01:06:56 EST 2003

Howdy. For those of you who live in New York, we've got a couple of 
things going on this weekend that you all might want to know about.

Thursday (3/6), I'm speaking at an NYU event, along with two other 
people who do zines. I'll probably show a few slides and talk about 
some of the projects Stay Free! has done over the years. The fun 
starts at 7 pm, at Ultraviolent Cafe (45 West 4th Street, SE corner 
of Washington Square) and is free for all the curly-headed people.

Sunday (3/9), we're sponsoring a screening at the NY Underground Film 
Festival. "Value-Added Cinema: A Product Placement Compendium" is 
described as a " 'That's Entertainment' of corporate product 
placement from over sixty Hollywood movies"--a sort of greatest hits 
of stealth advertising. Peter Conheim of Negativland is one of the 
creators. Also on the bill is a short from the Prelinger Archives, a 
1960s industrial film about product placement called "Your Name 
Here." Sounds good, no? So come on down to Anthology Film Archives, 
at the corner of 2nd Ave. and 2nd St, @ 5:45 pm.

There's also a bunch of good documentaries showing at the Film 
Festival this weekend, so be smart and check out the schedule online: Incidentally, I saw The Weather Underground (a 
new documentary about the radical 60s group) tonight and it ROCKED. 
It's not going to play again at the festival but is slated for a run 
at Film Forum this June so be on the lookout.

happy weekend,

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