[SM-Grimoire] Prometheus bugs

Hamish Greig hgreig at bigpond.net.au
Sun Nov 23 02:48:36 EST 2003

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On Sun, 23 Nov 2003 18:06, Andrew wrote:
> > many of these bugs are minor/ trivial but prometheus checks for UPDATED
> > changes, to see if a bug it sent in has been fixed. (Andrew please
> > correct me if I am wrong)
> > So please change this field if you are addressing a PM bug and if you
> > happen to alter any spells without addressing an existing PM bug , please
> > also keep in mind that this will just generate a second bug report, same
> > error for new version of the spell.
> short story: dont worry about the updated field, ive had a better solution
> for a while now.
> long story:
> actually it computes an md5sum of all the files in the spell, then
> caches it when the spell breaks. At which point it will try very hard
> not to recast that spell and produce a duplicate bug. When updates occur,
> the md5sum is recomputed, and if the spell has a different md5sum it is
> assumed that the bug was 'fixed' and it is taken off the list of broken
> spells. If the bug is still there and the spell manages to get cast again,
> the bug is resubmitted.

Thanks Andrew,
that just leaves the other point, if at all possible fix the minor bugs in 
bugzilla whenever you do work on spells, or the bugs will just duplicate 
themselves. I am trying to make the summaries explanatory when I reassign 
bugs the the correct section, I also make a point of putting the spell name 
in that summary, so a simple search will list them.
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