[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15953] sabayon is missing dependencies on pyxdg and xorg-server built with xephyr

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Thu Mar 10 19:42:36 EST 2011


--- Comment #1 from Eric Sandall <sandalle at sourcemage.org>  2011-03-10 18:42:35 ---
pyxdg dependency fixed with:
commit 684cbdc7c4ced9c488d9804c759f6c12226caf28
Author: Eric Sandall <sandalle at sourcemage.org>
Date:   Thu Mar 10 16:25:39 2011 -0800

    sabayon: Depends on pyxdg (Bug #15953 Part 1/2)

    checking whether the xdg.DesktopEntry module for Python is available...
    configure: error: in `/usr/src/sabayon-2.30.1':
    configure: error: Please install the python-xdg or pyxdg package.

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