[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15829] kipi-plugins4 doesn't find libkexiv2

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--- Comment #3 from Bor Kraljič <pyrobor at ver.si>  2010-09-22 08:33:35 ---
@kipi-plugins4 & digikam4 problem:
with commit fbfd7098e8255c3ffe0cd6cf45a9497136735d88 I added INSTALL file to
kdegraphics4 with source that creates symlinks for files libkdcraw.pc,
libkexiv2.pc, libkipi.pc and libksane.pc in $INSTALL_ROOT/usr/lib/pkgconfig/.
So now basically there is no need for that PRE_BUILD. I tested removing
PRE_BUILD for both kipi-plugins4 and digikam4 and both compile without a
problem. I will remove those two PRE_BUILD files in near future.

Did I miss any *.pc file? (probably I should also add a check if pc file exist
in /opt/kde4/lib/pkgconfig/ and not create symlink blindly.. )
What files *.pc does kdebindings4 install ? (it doesn't install any for me)

@phonon problem:
I think i fixed that too. I added option in qt4 CONFIGURE so the build of
phonon in qt4 is now optional. I also added that option to SUB_DEPENDS. Both
options. To request build of qt4 with or without phonon back-end. Also added
the dependency to phonon to depend on qt4 without phonon back-end. So now if
you have installed phonon the only phonon you have installed is the one from
spell phonon. This also solves the problem with 2 phonon.pc files. So I also
modified the phonon INSTALL file to create symlink the to pc files in
$INSTALL_ROOT/usr/lib/pkgconfig/. With that the correct phonon can be found.
(not quite sure but this might be also fix for bug #15585 )
List of commits:
modifications of qt4 spell:
modifications of phonon spell:

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