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--- Comment #3 from seanm1 at iastate.edu  2010-05-18 04:00:51 ---
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> (In reply to comment #1)
> > Thanks Sean. :) Do you have a patch that brings eglibc (and any other necessary
> > changes) up to where you left off?
> What I uploaded is a tarball with a git archive in it, in the state I left it
> in. It's all in there and I tried to be really thorough with my log entries.
> When I abbreviate, 
> "w" = "wrote"
> "c" = "compiled"
> "i" = "installed"
> "wci" = "wrote, compiled, installed"
> I also updated the HISTORY entry with each spell

One other detail I forgot to mention,

I was building with /usr/src on a ramdisk. The spells are set up to tarball

/usr/src/cross-tools ->


/usr/src/eglibc-temp ->

after every spell is cast (in the spell's FINAL script) to accomodate this.
Building with /usr/src on a ramdisk (mount -t tmpfs -o size=2.5G smglbuild
/usr/src) is done to make things build faster, and so I have an easy and
convenient way to make sure absolutely nothing is depeneding on the temporary
toolchain in the final system. It is, however, not necessary at all.

The depends are set up so if you cast


you'll be caught up to the point I left off. gmp-temp was what I was writing,
and it won't build yet.

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