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Treeve Jelbert <treeve at scarlet.be> changed:

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--- Comment #8 from Treeve Jelbert <treeve at scarlet.be>  2010-02-23 10:11:27 ---
looking at FindPhonon.cmake

   # As discussed on kde-buildsystem: first look at CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, then at
the suggested PATHS (kde4 install dir)
   # then at the default system locations (CMAKE_SYSTEM_PREFIX_PATH, i.e. /usr
   find_library(PHONON_LIBRARY NAMES phonon)

so, in order to be safe, we either install to /opt/kde4 or prevent qt4
installing anything.

I am trying some changes for qt4 at the moment, but it may be simpler to move
phonon, as it is much easier to rebuild it.

Incidentally, please note that default_build_x in kde4-support is obsolete

I have now changed  the phonon spell - works for me

The qt4 changes also include some extra build options which I need to test

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