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--- Comment #7 from Treeve Jelbert <treeve at scarlet.be>  2010-02-23 02:15:04 ---
do you have gstreamer installed?
what does qt4 compile report about phonon?

I have been doing some rebuilds and found a slightly different problem - kde
found some phonon includes from qt4, and the library from phonon itself!

In the beginning there was KDE, which begat phonon, which was adopted by qt.

phonon supports several backends, including gstreamer and xine on linux.

KDE uses libphonon directly. it needs a recent version 4.3.80 of phonon with
xine support.
QT added added a wrapper class, Phonon, and will build phonon support if it
finds gstreamer. It provides version 4.3.1 of phonon.
I am not aware of any programs which use the Phonon wrapper.

If qt4 builds phonon support, kde finds the old version of phonon from qt4,
depending on the search paths.

There are two phonon related options in qt4-4.6.2 - -phonon and -phonon-backend

It may be possible to build the Phonon wrapper without the obsolete backend,
but the qt build system is difficult to understand, but qt4 definitely needs to
disable the phonon backend when building for use with kde, and also a optional
depends on gstreamer regarding phonon support.

   -no-phonon ......... Do not build the Phonon module.
 +  -phonon ............ Build the Phonon module.
    -no-phonon-backend.. Do not build the platform phonon plugin.
 +  -phonon-backend..... Build the platform phonon plugin.

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