[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15585] kdebase4-runtime fails to build

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--- Comment #6 from Tommy Boatman <tboatman at sourcemage.org>  2010-02-20 16:50:10 ---
(In reply to comment #5)

> I think that the stuff in kde4-support should install to /usr, because some of
> it such as strigi and soprano, maybe akonadi, gluon in future, will be used by
> non-kde spells, and they would have difficulty finding things if the they were
> hidden in /opt/kde4

I agree with this point with the exception of phonon.  Since QT4 includes
phonon support (-with-phonon -with-phonon-backend, both of which our build uses
until and unless we offer a way to disable them) I don't believe it is
necessary to include the KDE4 version of phonon in /usr.  

I've been tinkering with BUILD in phonon, which currently does not exist,
instead of using the default build in kde4-support/FUNCTIONS.  My BUILD file
looks like this...

  KDE4DIR="$INSTALL_ROOT/opt/kde4"                &&
  QTDIR=$INSTALL_ROOT/usr/bin/qt4                 &&
  cd $SOURCE_DIRECTORY                            &&
  mkdir -p build                                  &&
  cd build                                        &&
#  PATH=$QTDIR:$PATH                               &&
  PATH=$KDE4DIR:$QTDIR:$PATH                      &&
  CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=$KDE4DIR                      &&
        ../                                       &&

which installs to /opt/kde4 and allows kdebase4-runtime and kdebase4-workspace
to successfully build without incident.

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