[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15585] kdebase4-runtime fails to build

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--- Comment #5 from Treeve Jelbert <treeve at scarlet.be>  2010-02-20 07:34:26 ---
It all built ok  for me, but that was after doing multiple upgrades.

I think that the stuff in kde4-support should install to /usr, because some of
it such as strigi and soprano, maybe akonadi, gluon in future, will be used by
non-kde spells, and they would have difficulty finding things if the they were
hidden in /opt/kde4

The only case that I know of that causes problems is polkit-qt-1 and policykit,
which is part of gnome

Kdelibs4 reports -- 

No backend for KAuth was explicitely specified: probing system to find the best
one available
-- Could NOT find PolkitQt  (missing:  POLKITQT_INCLUDE_DIR
--   found polkit-qt-1, version 0.95.1
-- Found PolkitQt-1:
-- Building PolkitQt-1 KAuth backend
WARNING: Installation prefix does not match PolicyKit install prefixes. You
probably will need to move files installed in POLICY_FILES_INSTALL_DIR and by
dbus_add_activation_system_service to the /usr prefix

but I don't know how to solve this.

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