[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15585] kdebase4-runtime fails to build

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--- Comment #3 from Tommy Boatman <tboatman at sourcemage.org>  2010-02-19 17:49:46 ---
I agree with this.  As phonon is not a dependency of qt4 itself, I would not
expect to see issues with non-KDE4 apps that use qt4, such as virtualbox-ose.

QT4 includes phonon support.  This support is recommended to be disabled when
building for KDE4.  Refer to

This also indicates to me that ALL of kde4-support should be installed to

Below is a snippet of kde4-support/FUNCTIONS

default_build_x() {
#  persistent_add KDE4DIR                          &&
#  KDE4DIR="$INSTALL_ROOT/opt/kde4"                &&
  QTDIR=$INSTALL_ROOT/usr/bin/qt4                 &&
  cd $SOURCE_DIRECTORY                            &&
  mkdir -p build                                  &&
  cd build                                        &&
  PATH=$QTDIR:$PATH                               &&
#  PATH=$KDE4DIR:$QTDIR:$PATH                      &&
#  CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=$KDE4DIR                      &&
        ../                                       &&

I'm thinking this is bad, but I'm not entirely certain how to fix it yet.

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