[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15559] installwatch no longer tracks hardlinks!

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Wed Feb 3 12:03:56 EST 2010


--- Comment #10 from Ladislav Hagara (lace) <hgr at vabo.cz>  2010-02-03 11:03:53 ---
/me playing with checkinstall 1.6.2 and installwatch 0.7.0beta7 (included in

... installwatch is part of the checkinstall but we still can have 2 separated
spells and checkinstall will use installwatch spell

i am able to cast both checkinstall or installwatch (fixed to use checkinstall
sources) with patch from Arch Linux

both /usr/bin/installwatch and /usr/lib/installwatch.so are installed but some
problem with sorcery, api changes?

Creating compile log /var/log/sorcery/compile/checkinstall-1.6.2.bz2
Creating tablet in directory
Creating install log /var/log/sorcery/install/checkinstall-1.6.2
grep: /tmp/sorcery/cast/10851/checkinstall.iw: No such file or directory
cat: /tmp/sorcery/cast/10851/checkinstall.iw: No such file or directory
Finished processing install requests.

# gaze install checkinstall

# gaze install installwatch

# ls -l /usr/bin/installwatch /usr/lib/installwatch.so
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  7287 Feb  3 18:46 /usr/bin/installwatch
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 47003 Feb  3 18:46 /usr/lib/installwatch.so

New installwatch:
# installwatch

Error : You must specify a command !!!

installwatch 0.7.0beta7, Copyright 1998 Pancrazio de Mauro
Copyright 2002 Felipe Eduardo Sanchez Diaz Duran
           This software is released under the GNU GPL.

Usage: installwatch [options] [command [command arguments]]

-r, --root=<rootdir>           Sets the directory under which will be stored
                               meta-infos and translated files.
-t, --transl=<yes|no>          Toggle translation capabilities
-b, --backup=<yes|no>          Toggle backup capabilities
-e, --exclude=<dir1,...,dirN>  Sets a neutral directory list, that won't be
                                concerned by translation or backups.
-o, --logfile=<logfile>        Sets the log file to be used.
-d, --dbgfile=<dbgfile>        Sets the debug file to be used.
-v, --dbglvl=<dbglvl>          Sets the debug level to be used.

Old one:
$ installwatch
Syntax: /usr/bin/installwatch [-o outfile] <program> <arguments>

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